Friday, 2 November 2012

The Mysterious Hanted house

It was halloween and four kids and one dog were out trick or treating. Just as they turned they saw a house and went to go inside to look around. When they got inside they decided to split up and look around   the  kids names  were  Kate, Don, Mike and Sarah.  

Don  was the owner of the  dog and the dog barked at another dog in the mirror. The new dog could talk and was talking to  Don’s   dog and just as   he finished  what he was saying a big bright light came. The dog turned to rock then  Don screamed rip and cried.

Just  then Kate  heard a ghost.  she ran out the backdoor and saved herself from stepping on  blooded all over the ground. So she ran  back inside and  just as she turned  the corner she  bumped  into Sarah and Kate told her about the people in the backyard. Then they went to  find Mike in a room with more dead people. After that they saw Don crying  and ran over to him to see what was wrong and he said rip is turned  into  a rock.

Don shouted “A ghost!!!” and they all screamed. People at a halloween party next door heard the kids and called the police as they went to help. Just before the people got inside they saw a dog,  and it was the one from the mirror, and  it turned them into rock.  just then  the police showed up but couldn’t find anybody just some oddly familiar statues. They taped the door shut so no one could get back into the old house and everyone had a good time at the halloween party.

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