Friday, 12 July 2013

Mashup Your Work

 Mix and match,  we have to rearrange the words to make  it make sense have a is what i had to did .I had to write one sentence that made sense and then  change it around.

standing / is / behind me / My teacher
My teacher is standing behind me.
Standing behind  me is my teacher.

Solar system / the eighth planet / is / Neptune / in our
Neptune is the eighth planet in our Solar system.
In our Solar system the eighth planet Neptune.

to London / go / I / want to
I want to go to London.
London I want to go there.

my favourite city / is / Auckland
My favourite city is Auckland.
Auckland city is my favourite.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rock Paper Scissors

Today, during maths me and my friends were play Rock Paper Scissors. I was purple and my friend Nikita was red, here are the answers. Nikita had 22 points and I had 18 points. This means that Nikita has more chance of winning than me.
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thanks for lisening

Sentence Mashup

WALT: Rearrange the words in a sentences.
Complete the sentences with the words in brackets. Place time expressions at the end of the sentences.

They don’t know where they have left the keys.
They  have left the key somewhere and can’t remember where it is.

Ring me if you have a problem.

If you have a problem ring me.

I’d like to know why she does not spend her holiday in France.
If she does not spend her holiday in France I’d like to know why.

They told  him that they wanted to play tennis.
They wanted him to play tennis so they told him.

He was reading the paper while she was working in the garden. 
She was working in the garden and he was reading the paper.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Kelly Tarltons Trip

Finally the first of July came, I was so excited, because we were going to ‘KELLY TARLTONS Yay, time to have some fun. We walked through  the doors and started our journey about Antarctica.

At Kelly Tarltons the first thing we saw was some penguins called gentoo and king penguins. The lady that was guiding us said that there were 80 penguins. I was amazed. There were  so many .

The gentoo penguins had long toe nails and webbed feet colored orange. Webbed feet help them to swim. They swim in water -6`c.

Did you know that gentoo  penguins moult all the time?  In summer they get a new coat. This is only because there coats loses water proof and have to pluck out all their feathers