Monday, 31 August 2015

Bang On Math Clock

Hi everyone today we have on a site called Bang On Time when I went on it  I got to choose what speed I wanted the clock hands to go I chose (5) it's a good speed when you're just learning how to tell the analogue clock. In the picture above you will see my score and what it looks like when you finish when you play, at the bottom where it says game over there will be a time in words that you have to try get on the clock just like this.
 There are 10 turns when you finish, it will show you, your score and how well you did. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Jacob the Great

Jacob the great is about a kid who is spoiled rotten always getting what he wants and never thinks about the cost and other people's money or needs apart from his own. Personally i would hate to live with someone like that but it's the way the story is I hope you get what I did in the questions and slides.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to be the best you can be with money

This here is all about saving your money and learning to save so you have money for what want & need whenever you need something, or want something take some advice and see what you can learn with my presentation on how to save you will be surprised what you can do!

Smart Surfing

This morning my class and I were learning about using smart key words when on google. I have made this to show what I know about going and searching on google with using key word and good thinking hope you enjoy watching me learn.

Reading week 6

The mobile garden story is full with great power and love for nature and culture.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Number Of the Day

This Is my number of the day.We have been learning about adding and subtracting  from big numbers.

My First Pay-packet by Lino Nelisi

This is were you could find the story
I hope you find out as much as I did.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Smart FootPrint Magic

Me and my class have been learning about Public and Private information On and around the internet. We had to design and create an infographic showing others to think about what they are sharing online.

Pointers On What To Post Online

This is a few tips on what to make Public and keep Private online and at the bottom is also an example of about me learning  from this

  • First name
  • school
  • personality
  • Age
  • friends
  • achievements
  • My likes
  • sports
  • culture (nationality)
  • grade
  • favorites
  • images
  • Talents
  • Family
  • Facebook
  • last name
  • date of birth
  • family names
  • email
  • passwords
  • dislikes
  • middle name
  • address
  • phone number (home)
  • secrets
  • bank account details
Kia ora, My name is Sarah and I am a year 8 student in  room 5 that loves school. I go to te kura pūwāhi Ingarangi / Point England School.

I love to learn and the main thing in school that helps me get along is friends. My favorite Singer/Rapper is Eminem. I love food and adore animals. I love to take long walks along the beach. I love playing Netball and love watching rugby league  ‘Go Queensland”. My goal for term 3 is to keep on track of work and to get into as many things as I can because on it being my last year of intermediate. In the future I would love to learn more Te Reo Maori because of living in New Zealand and my whanau.  

Monday, 3 August 2015

Spending And Receiving

On the odd occasion that I get money it’s either netball, working or lunch money or I find 10c 20c 50c 1$ pieces and save it. I never get anything handed to me, but when I need money for school.  Pocket money in my family is in possible to get.

Saving my money to get some thing I really want is very easy but some time it can be tempting to spend it on things that a normal kid does, lollies, but when there is something bigger and better that I can reach for if I set my mind to it.

Spending for me is like christmas morning opening presents, but there also the error of no money left so what I do is get what I need, like shoes closest then what I want and at the end try save some money for a starter for my next big spend.

Kauri Island - Reading Activity

 This is about how one family made their way to the island and discovered the life they could have.