Friday, 24 August 2012

running the road

Sometimes there are big problems in cross county but it is a lot of fun.
BANG!!!! goes the blocks running thuong the  gwey yuke mud .Saying to myself  ’’MAN i hate this’’  but in the end it  is fun.

The track was so muddy i slipped in the mud on my bum. That did not stop me from running .As i was running  i smelled a really yucky smell it smelled like cow poo!! but i kept  on running.

Whooo the finish line  thinking to myself  ’how on earth did i get here so fast’ running through  the finish line  ouch  i  thought falling down i got back up strat away and  ran the race.

In the end i had a good time i think that even thought  that i came 11th and fall down twice I had a good time wouldn't you ?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Guess what ? Happened on tuesday  I  had  the most wonderful day with my friend called Bronek.  She and I had a BBQ at school it was so cool  . With my teacher and room 15 it is called  school  fun day .                                                         

Did you know that onions can make  you cry. Well they can make  you cry if they are really juicy. Cooked onions smell really nice  but I did not have any .

finally we were  able to put it all the ingredients  together . To taste the beautiful resemblance.  I hope you like my writing.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Coming First

Did you  go to the olympic ceremony?If you did  it is like you are running in the race. but you are  only cheering .

When you do run it is very hard. you  can come third  second  or first but you do need to try very hard. I love coming first .                                                                            

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Starting of a netball game is easy.  Winning is the hard thing  of all  . My name is sarah and one thing I like to do on a thursday night  is play  netball .But waking up on a tuesday and going to practices is boring. But the more you train  the better you get in netball.

last week I had a netball game but we did not win. Like I said  It is hard to get the perfect win. Because you need to be disciplined and that means
that you concentrate and listen to the couch.’’I love being in a netball team’’.