Wednesday, 25 February 2015


“Wow” What aye awesomely boring holiday all I did was stay at my aunty’s most of the time and for a  week strait I swam in cold water on hot days.  2 day’s in to this week and my auntys cat misty dicideds to stand on the side of the pool my uncle thows a ball at the cat playing of corse then she digs her claws into the pool and pops the top part of the pool. The water slowly flows out makes a big puddle and then the next day my uncle gose out to fix the pool and puts patchs on the holes and it still gose down more it’s like “OMG” so were all out there looking for holes and then i’m the lucky one to find it ‘yay’ not!

Any who the next day im standing their stearing at my aunty like so can we get in the pool and the she’s looks at my and say “ what” im like ‘nothing ( laughing)’ and then my little cosin goes over in a nice t-shirt and trackies get in the pool and my auntys said “well I guess your swimming to day and I was so happy because it was soooooo hot this day’.

Wow what a boring holiday I only stayed at my auntys  for a few week's then for the first 2 weeks of the holidays  strait  I swam and then after that  I spent a whole day in bed a sleep and then woke up at 5.30 that night  because I was so tired from swimming.

The next day I woke up at 12.30 then it was so hot I had to go jump in the pool again

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Something Special

It was Christmas day and everyone in my family was   at my auntys house after along drive , for breakfast  for some even lunch. I was so excited there for this day was going to be awesome the presents the food mmm the ham prepared for this awesome day woofed in thou the air. As we all sat at the table the ham the egg’s mm the bacon lingered in the air what a delightful smell!

Sitting there eating the food was so filling and made my mouth water but I was too full to eat but it just tasted so good so I picked a piece of ham up and ate it like I had never seen food before I finished and took my plate out and everyone was sing along to our family favorite song’s and having fun, I thought it would be a good idea so I went over to the presents and I instantly investigated all my presents and then not telling but accidentally ripped it open ( okay maybe I did rip it open on purpose but who’s got the prof) any who getting back I ripped it  open  and looked inside and OMG it was twilight one,two and three and the I was disappointed because there was no other little  present with the last four and five  so unhappy but there was an up lift though this there was art stuff !Bull ya!  Now the fun begins the stockings filled to the top with lollies and games and party poppers were brought out and given to all of us I sat there waiting for and then ate heaps.

After eating quieter of the lolly bag my family and I ate chips and dip,bacon and egg pie,sausage rolls and the ham mmm it was good and the end all the kids had to put the food away and then everyone got to open their presents and then we all got to eat muffins and cake flavored vanilla and chocolate mm they were delish after that some of my family went home and then the children had to wash and dry the dishes “boring” haha nah it was cool.

Altogether the day was cool the food was delicious and everyone was safe and happy all through the day.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 1 Of School

Wow the first day of school was awesome everyone was laughing and  being happy and class 5 had the privilege to have  a new teacher "Mrs Peato"  our new teacher is awesome she set up a game named 'people bingo' it's were you have 10 to 15 questions to answer and to have to but one of you class mates names in it and you can only put in a gap once.

After that we gaped all our chairs and play get a chair! All day was awesome and the teacher was and is awesome.