Wednesday, 25 February 2015


“Wow” What aye awesomely boring holiday all I did was stay at my aunty’s most of the time and for a  week strait I swam in cold water on hot days.  2 day’s in to this week and my auntys cat misty dicideds to stand on the side of the pool my uncle thows a ball at the cat playing of corse then she digs her claws into the pool and pops the top part of the pool. The water slowly flows out makes a big puddle and then the next day my uncle gose out to fix the pool and puts patchs on the holes and it still gose down more it’s like “OMG” so were all out there looking for holes and then i’m the lucky one to find it ‘yay’ not!

Any who the next day im standing their stearing at my aunty like so can we get in the pool and the she’s looks at my and say “ what” im like ‘nothing ( laughing)’ and then my little cosin goes over in a nice t-shirt and trackies get in the pool and my auntys said “well I guess your swimming to day and I was so happy because it was soooooo hot this day’.

Wow what a boring holiday I only stayed at my auntys  for a few week's then for the first 2 weeks of the holidays  strait  I swam and then after that  I spent a whole day in bed a sleep and then woke up at 5.30 that night  because I was so tired from swimming.

The next day I woke up at 12.30 then it was so hot I had to go jump in the pool again

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