Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tapa Art

This is my tapa pattern it's meant to be brown, black, light brown or a dark yellow. I was told by a friend  that you could use any colour but she didn't say that  she was just guessing  so I completed  the wrong thing so I decided to just write about it and tell you the wrong and right way of doing the tapa art. This is what it’s meant to look like!


This has been dyed with brown dye and  dried in the sun this is what my tapa art  is meant to look like but I thought that it still looked cool even though it is  the wrong way to do a tapa piece of art. My tapa art represents the  pardarnus leaf it is sharp it has shaded pieces to show the curves. My art is part of nature and in this nature means peace!!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Going To The Auckland Museum

Entering the museum was awesome we walk in and sat down on the floor. A lady and a guy walked over and introduced themselves "hi I'm Julian and I'm Zack today your going to see very old art work  and a whole bunch of old things so enjoy your time but the are a few rules we need to cover so first rule no leaning on the glass and no running but most in important rule you have to have fun that all enjoy your time bye" "1 2 3 !!thank you!!" we all said Mrs langitopu came and said we had to go up  to the Kai room and have morning tea "mmm mmm mmm yum"

We had finished our morning tea  and gone down to the main part of the museum , went to the bathroom  and got in our groups when we were all together we went on to do our 1st activity. First up the Maori carving  plot we had to draw or write things made with like flax's and feathers anything to do with things that they  used back in the days to make bags,closes,cotes and anything you can think of that they could  have made.

Then more on though the museum is the pacific part and where have to an interesting piece of art or carving to draw  and i drew a knife that was carved as  a person with a big long blade that looked very sharp. After i drew that i drew a mat made from flax's and feathers it was hard.

Then we went to the main part of the museum and had lunch and then we went outside and did our photo challenge  in the domain. My group went in to the hot house  and I ended up sneezing so much I almost fainted but the whole day was really fun all because of my mum.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Art Attack! I wanted to know what the teachers were on about , I walked back to my class and sat down.

My first activity was passed out, it was a tangle.  ‘What’s a tangle?’ you may ask well your about to find out!!

First  you need a tangle a tangle is a pattern that mean's combined as one. Go online to find  some idea’s to create. Then once you found  it you have to start  finding or creating a pattern for your tangle so play around with different shapes lines maybe even cultural art then once you've of the design draw in lightly in pencil on your tangle piece then with your favorite colors go round outside on your design and make it full colour now combine the tangle pieces and if you did the same as me it should look like this!

I think that this is one of the best tangles you would have made.