Monday, 17 March 2014


My Personal Goals - 2014  Date :
My achievement I was most proud of  last year  in the classroom was my reading  because I went up a level, I was 10.5 but now I am 11.00.
The thing I was most proud of last year outside of the classroom was my netball because I was good at wing A and wing D.  
In reading my learning goal is to get to 12.00 years old  in reading.
To achieve this goal I need to read more than 3 times a day.
In writing  my goal is to write a fantastic story.
To achieve this goal I need to write more than just 2 paragraphs and juicy words.
In Maths my goal is to get better at addition, subtraction and multiplication.
The learning area I think I need to improve in most is maths.
My goal this term is to  show ‘Caring’  by being kind.
My goal for this year around the classroom is to
My goal for this year around the school is to help the little kids.
My parents goal for me this Term is not to loses focus.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

About Me

Hi my name is Sarah (hara)
I am kind, helpful, Generous , hard working, sporty and  anonging.
Daughter of Barbara and step Daughter of Chris Sister of 4 girls and 1 boy I love My family , Ireland ,friends and netball.
My biggest fare is being eaten by a shark or a  spider
Who love's horror movies and ghost
I would like to go to Ireland
I wish I could meet the guns and roses band :)
I hate being bullied
I dream of scary things
Who is determined to be a netball player and an artist and  a piano player with a singer
Who values friends
Who is proud my self
Who graduated from primary
Who lives in Glen Innes
MY name is Sarah

Empathy (With The Girls)

EMPATHY(WITH THE GIRLS ) from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.