Friday, 13 March 2015

Need A College Here's Why Tamaki College Is For You

Many people believe that everyone at Pt England School in year 8 should go to Tamaki College. There are a lot of reasons why this is a good school many people want to go to private  schools but here’s why they shouldn’t. These school like Saint Cuthberts and Auckland Girls Grammar and Boarding School they cost over 1 thousand dollars just for a year and not many people can come up with that amount of  money over the christmas break for the next year.

Yes these schools are high in the NCEA results  but Tamaki College is better your child already  knows half of the teacher’s and most of the other kids there came  from pt england school so why put your child in a new cluster of students when they already know how to use the netbooks and then you will be making them take a bigger step back and then you have to go and spend thousands of money  on stationary every term for new book’s, pens and loads more tamaki college is best in this case.

The area is wonderful save all your  money on buses and trains when you can come to Glen Innes is just around the corner from Tamaki  College and if you live in the area it’s even better because it probably just down the road so it will only take a few minutes to get to school and there are  shops no matter where you go so your child can buy their lunch before school.

This is the best school and your child should definitely go to Tamaki College where the best go.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My visual Mihi

This is me my name is Sarah Smith , I come from new zealand and my parents are both Irish and European. I love music singing and dancing my favorite movie is Angles  and Demons oh and the Twilight saga films and this is me