Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Empathy is about sharing and feelings and being kind our school policy is to put your self in there shoes and this is part of an idea to take care of other people because if there's no caring there's no help and if there's no help there's  no empathy and with out empathy there's no real way in the world!

If you  want to show empathy you should go up to someone that's sad and say 'would you like to play with me or would you like to work with us?' If you do this it will help you to get along in school at work  and even on the playground.

Empathy is not about love and hugs.It's about sharing and being nice that's why you have empathy. Maybe you should tire it.

Being empathetic out in the playground is by seeing someone fall over  and you go over help them up and ask them to play with you our  by saying are you ok do you need help with anything.

Whenever or wherever you are show empathy and be nice to other people.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Once upon a time there lived a family and they had the biggest house in the whole city they had a maid and her name was crystal. She was what now one could ever imagine she was a witch! And she was in love with a man named Michael but he was more in love with a girl named Amanda and Michael thought that she was more pretty the the maid and the maid found out she was so angry about  it that she decided to say a spell to make her to river death cliff and jump of it.

Michael  saw her walking so he tried to talk to her just as she tries to jump he gets to the cliff and he jumps of to trie save her but as he falls he turns into a vampire and falls straight into the water the witch come to the edge and laughs hahahahahahah at the back of her was a big army that run down the hill to get the vampire they grap him of the shore and put him in a coffin and then prays him.

200 years later diggers find the coffin and ask the witch to come and see of course they did not know that she was a witch because she was driften and (yes she was still the same which just looked different)  she comes down and goes open it up she of course noses that it is him they open it and suddenly his eye open with a !bam! the witch again casted a spell on him and he falls in love with her and they all live happily ever after.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Adding Detail

WALT :Add detail to a sentence
          use more interesting vocab
I was  feeling so excited because it was the first day of school and then that afternoon when  I was  told we were going to be doing sciences.  I was feeling even more excited about it because I hoped we were going to be doing  it.