Thursday, 26 November 2015


 This is about the history of superman from way back in the 1700 to 2015 and how he's changed so much over the years, this is my research

The Horrors Of Being A Persenter

Manaiakalani film festival

“lights” “pulse” “panic! what's going with me” I said as I thought about standing on a stage in front of heaps of people “ herrrr can’t believe that I asked to do this” “OMG”. Then Chelsea, my best friend in the whole world walks in “ Sarah it’s time for you to go presenters were asked to line up 2 minutes ago what wrong” “nothing just washing my face let’s go”. The sore stomach had kick in, like a monster that had just been woken up from a hundred years of migration “aww”.

On the bus finally with all my friend making me feel less terrified of stage and lights I put a smile on my face and was going to fake till I had made it. At Sylvia Park hoyts cinema, everything was going well until I saw the spot light that made everyone see you on the stage. Being a presenter was the hardest thing ever.

The first presenters were my friends Jordan and josephine they made it look so easy and for a good reason there movie was great, but I knew that once there movie had finished my presenter buddy and myself was up next and the terror flushed through me like a drink of orange juice, but my buddy Liz told me that your blinded by the light you can’t even see anyone, that made me feel better and before I knew it was over and done with and I was on the seats watching everyone else movie’s.

After and hour in a hot  and mugie theater everyone that was going back to school was outside in the icy winds waiting for the bus to come. A group of friend and myself were sitting with the little presenters playing hand games while keeping each other warm.

When the bus came I quickly snuck on to the bus with my friends and went back to school with her. After we were back at home Mrs Tele’a got us to watch other schools movies and comment on their blogs to give them some feed back the day was awesome and we finished it of with  a song in the afternoon.

The day was a blast

Talking points

Bok Choy The Story Behind The Questions
This is a presentation that provides you with information about how to justify our opinions with a reason. Please leave feedback to let me know what you think

The Seeing Hawk

 This is my reading activity for  week 6 it about a man and is tupuna and how when he was younger a hawk flew over the pa as a sign of him being a visionary and being able to see things that aren't really there, in this story there's a kite and well you have to read the story to believe this so here is the link to the story read it and explore.

Friday, 20 November 2015


a pun is when a phrase has more than one meaning:
this is some of my poems about school activitys

Walking  into the  class
Now sitting on the mat looking out the glass
Waiting for the rhythm of the guitar
While the harmony is rising
The melody has risen
And so have the students at the horizon

Sitting inside class
Waiting for the hour glass
My class shouts out loud
While standing below the clouds
Walking now too tech we go
I see little kids with bow and arrows
Hip hop hooray
Time to start the day

Waiting for class
Hoping we were doing nothing
Because this morning i’m not that stunning
The bell goes
I’m running
It’s time for class
My head is not ready
I can’t start already
I’m in need of energy

Friday, 6 November 2015

Bedouin People research

 Here is what we have been learning about Bedouin people  and how they adapted to their surroundings.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Best time ever!

Best time ever!

Yesterday was awesome because, we had an amazing race challenge.
There were challenges like the fear factor, the cookie challenge, the pea pipes, the brain busters and the photo booth. Four were chosen for your group, for my group the challenges were number 1, the cookie challenge, number 2, the pea pipes,  number 3, the fear factor and last the brain busters. All trickie and disgusting but fun at the same time.

The first challenge to face was the cookie, the cookie challenge was were you would put the cookie on your forehead and within a minute you would have to get it too your mouth without using your hands. I thought the task would have been easy but time after time me and my friends would fail, expect 1 Uli the boy who would eat any thing on his face, every time he would try he would get it I didn’t know how he did it every time.

2nd best challenge was simple you get a straw get a pea to stay on the end of it and take 3 meters away without it falling to the ground easy right, WRONG it turns out that other people bumping into you on there way back to the bowl would make it fall and you start again. I made it every time from one bowl to another  without failure. The other three in my group were good  but I thought we were the best untill one and only one in our team was to cheat Hiwarau, he would pick some peas up and then put one on  the end of his straw and the when he got to the other bowl he would put them in to help us win but the teacher saw and so by default we lost angrily we went to the next challenge fear factor were we would face the fear of yuck spaghetti and fruit salad.

It’s true what your thinking  why would we eat grouse food simple to get points  and no the spaghetti didn’t have mold on it, it was mixed with  a tin of fruit salad yuck right. Before we got to that we had a choice to make who was going to eat the dry weat-bix decisions were made to vote three votes were to me the only girl to try eat a dry weat-bix “oh well”  as I walked up to the front “piece of cake” and man was I wrong it was as dry as the sand at a dessert or of chipped wood put in the sun I mean it was bad, a minute late it was gone I didn’t win all I got was a sore throat that only water could fix. before long 2 were picked to do the yuckiest of all, the spaghetti and  fruit salad. Again I was picked with Hiwarau and to make it easier we decided that he was going to eat the spaghetti and I was going to eat the fruit. It tasted awful I wanted to vomit. In the end we lost but the fun was all that matters.

Now the moment I was waiting for Brain Busters the easiest one of all,
the first question was easy we flew through it in a jippy and we got our next question and with this one man did our smiles fly of our faces, how on earth are you ment to have a triangle with nine circles and each side would have to equal  17 only using 1 to 9 numbers and your not aloud to use the number more than once. How on earth are you ment to do that. Difficulty everyone in our group  tried and failed so much for smarts.

We failed pretty much at every task that lied ahead of us yesterday but we didn’t care. The fun for us was all that matters for our team the points were nothing the fun was everything.
Yesterday Rocked

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

T4 Week 4 2 ways of showing it

 This is what I have been learning how to do in class this week. I have been learning how solve the same question using different ways of working out.