Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Horrors Of Being A Persenter

Manaiakalani film festival

“lights” “pulse” “panic! what's going with me” I said as I thought about standing on a stage in front of heaps of people “ herrrr can’t believe that I asked to do this” “OMG”. Then Chelsea, my best friend in the whole world walks in “ Sarah it’s time for you to go presenters were asked to line up 2 minutes ago what wrong” “nothing just washing my face let’s go”. The sore stomach had kick in, like a monster that had just been woken up from a hundred years of migration “aww”.

On the bus finally with all my friend making me feel less terrified of stage and lights I put a smile on my face and was going to fake till I had made it. At Sylvia Park hoyts cinema, everything was going well until I saw the spot light that made everyone see you on the stage. Being a presenter was the hardest thing ever.

The first presenters were my friends Jordan and josephine they made it look so easy and for a good reason there movie was great, but I knew that once there movie had finished my presenter buddy and myself was up next and the terror flushed through me like a drink of orange juice, but my buddy Liz told me that your blinded by the light you can’t even see anyone, that made me feel better and before I knew it was over and done with and I was on the seats watching everyone else movie’s.

After and hour in a hot  and mugie theater everyone that was going back to school was outside in the icy winds waiting for the bus to come. A group of friend and myself were sitting with the little presenters playing hand games while keeping each other warm.

When the bus came I quickly snuck on to the bus with my friends and went back to school with her. After we were back at home Mrs Tele’a got us to watch other schools movies and comment on their blogs to give them some feed back the day was awesome and we finished it of with  a song in the afternoon.

The day was a blast

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