Friday, 24 August 2012

running the road

Sometimes there are big problems in cross county but it is a lot of fun.
BANG!!!! goes the blocks running thuong the  gwey yuke mud .Saying to myself  ’’MAN i hate this’’  but in the end it  is fun.

The track was so muddy i slipped in the mud on my bum. That did not stop me from running .As i was running  i smelled a really yucky smell it smelled like cow poo!! but i kept  on running.

Whooo the finish line  thinking to myself  ’how on earth did i get here so fast’ running through  the finish line  ouch  i  thought falling down i got back up strat away and  ran the race.

In the end i had a good time i think that even thought  that i came 11th and fall down twice I had a good time wouldn't you ?

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