Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Waverley Swim At School

The waves splashing onto the walls. Stepping onto the ladder with the warm water on my feet I slowly walked down into the cold water. As I go under the water it warms up but just then my classmates jump in and spoil the nice ,quiet, warm water by starting to splash and go crazy.

Do you know how to play a game called chasing tens. In this game you have a start line and a finish line then you have to chase a tennis ball and the first one to get the ball is the winner.

My teacher called Mr S called, “out of the pool and get changed in the toilets but 3 minutes only”. Mr S was waiting for 2 minutes then he says “five, four, three, two,  one. last one out does not go swimming tomorrow”.

I think I want to go swimming even more because it is good fitness.

Thanks To Mr Marks For Editing My Writing

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