Wednesday, 31 October 2012

mistruster hounded house of Halloween

One  small  little village lived 12357 people but  there was more but one  night 295 house were burnt    but most curt   frier from trees because Around the village was lot’s  of trees that happened on november 31. But  now it was   time  for   howley  and all the little boys and girls dressed up  in  scary costumes for howley most were vampires others were whichers and only 4 dressed up as princess  and went jrichol treat smell my feet give me something nice to eat and there  they  got toffee apples  10 more hours  later their mother said time to come home so all the girls said’ ok mother’ and went inside.

Once they got inside   they counted  how many  lollies they had in the end  all up they had 557 so they  decide to  eat  there toffee apples and  one of the girls took a bite and started choking.  

Then the mother called pearl helped get the pieces  of toffee apple out of the little girls thought and then the mother  called the doctor and  said ‘oh doctor can you come and see my daughter’ so the doctor came and said she is fine.

After all her mother was happy that her daughter is ok.

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