Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Day Things Went Wrong

                                                   Writing a Recount
Term 3, Week 8
Topic: Excitement overload
Purpose: To learn how to add detail
Audience: blog viewers
Title: Excitement overload

It was February the 14th,  Valentine's day and everyone in my class was making cards.  The girls were graciously  dancing around the room knowing that it was Valentine's day the most romantic day of the year. Out of the blue everyone started talking about  their plans for Valentine's day, suddenly the girls at the table looked straight at me, with a sour look on their faces, the girl to right of me asked
“so who’s your valentines this year Sarah”
My reply was simply “my best friend”
The girls started laughing at me, really the boy you’ve been friends with since kindergarten “yeah we do it every year” I replied.

“Ever since we met  we’ve done It you just don’t get it”
The girls looked away in disappointment, we have the same argument every year and it’s alway over “him”  maybe they like him or maybe they think I like him  but the only liking there getting from me is the likement of friendship. Just then I see him with all his other friends I hear him tell them to wait and then when the girls see him, they start trying to get their hair ready like girls cursing over the cutest guy in school “OMG” I said. Just then I glance over and he’s almost here I quickly hide my card and his present, “hi I made you this” he said
“Thanks” just then I see him look down and see a box with his card on it “ is this for me” “yeah I was just waiting to give it to you”
he opened the box and saw the present I got him “you shouldn't have” “ know but I thought I was better than just a plain old card every year” “ but know I look stupid because your present was just the card I’ll get you something else” “no it’s fine” “are you sure” yes know go there waiting” “okay are we still on for game night?”
“yeah of course”.

As soon as he walked away the girls sighed, Rachel said “ Sarah what's wrong with you?”
“Nothing why”  “ you’ve got to be kidding me there was your chance” “ a chance for what Rachel”   “to ask him out”   “Rachel I thought I made It clear I don’t like him like that”
“ Lier”  I look away way then Shaniah looks at Rachel “ Hey you know if she says she doesn't like him like that she doesn't maybe you should just leave her alone”
“ fine I should ask him out then” I was just sick of it “ i’m going outside for air”
Rachel must have left we I went outside because I over heard her talk to my best friend
She’s asking him out I can’t believe he said yes.

Later that afternoon I got a text saying he’s had to cancel the game night because he was going out to the movies with someone he never said who and that's not like him.
The next day at school neither he or Rachel were at school and he never misses school for anything. A few days passed things were getting strange we hadn't spoken to each other for days now it was getting weird I called him to see if he wanted to hang out but he said he was busy and hung up. The next day he was at school so was Rachel she was at the lunch table talking to all my friend  about her time with Jac I was so mad. As I walked over to her she had a worried look on her face like someone was going to hit her or something but i simply said “look I don’t mind if you and Jac are going out but you shouldn’t stop him from hang out from others and stop trying to change him” the girls just looked at me frantically overjoyed  that I had finally said something Rachel just looked at me with a surprised look on my face  “your right I was just doing it to get back at you for what happened in the test, truth is I don’t even like Jac i’m breaking it off with him”
“you know you don’t have to do that  he likes to trust me I should know”
as she replied he looked over at me with a smile but I quickly turn back to Rachel.

After me and Rachel sorted things out I went and talked to Jac and now we’re better friend than before. That afternoon we went to the movies and then went to my house for dinner, I was glad we were talking again and Rachel and I were friends again.


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A very entertaining recount Sarah. I really like the dialogue going on. Keep it up!

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