Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to stop yourself from being sick

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This winter it is easy for you to get sick. Just one sneeze can make multiple people sick.  We all know that the cold doesn't’ help, but by dressing warm and eating well, we can stay right. In New Zealand more than 300 people are hospitalized with chest infections, ear infections and pneumonia. These are all bad and like a domino it affects all people. This explanation will explain to you how to prevent yourself from getting sick.   
Food is a big part of keeping yourself well, getting 5+ a day is the ideal way of making sure you are getting the vitamin C you need to stay well. We all need to eat the right foods like, salad, meat and vegetables. If you are a person that goes to KFC and Mcdonalds and eats fatty foods and high carb foods there’s a big chance of getting sick.

Personal hygiene is a big part of keeping well. Keeping yourself nice and clean is 100% ideal if you want to prevent sickness. Showering, washing your hands and brushing your teeth  are always good to keep well and right.
Another way is getting the flu shot. All it is, is a small injection of the flu to get your immune system ready for the flu so when it comes it doesn't knock you down. The best place to go for it is the doctors or the local meddie lab where you can go in and get it, it cost nothing.

Everyone gets sore throats but don't tell their doctors or parents. This can corse the most dangerous sickness of all Rheumatic fever. If you get Rheumatic fever you could die or it could lead to heart disease. This is why you need to keep yourself from getting sick by eating right, keeping clean, getting the flu shot and staying right.
So next time you feel like you're getting sick tell your doctor or parents and get it sorted out, so follow the steps to staying well.

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