Monday, 2 December 2013


Next door was a empty house where no one went in they said it was a haunted house. One night a girl named Sarah  went in the house. She saw a ghost porseds closed her eyes and opened and screamed then she ran home.

2 weeks later she went  to the house again.The house was lock but when she went to the door and went to touch the door it crept opened but now one was there. She went in she saw pictures  of her happy and smiling there were so many she was scared .

She went into the house there was a room  the window was open when she went in the door slammed she tried it was locked.Her phone rang it said private number she ansred it. There was a voice it said ‘come thou the window or die’ so she did and then she saw a guy and ran to her mum's house with a fight.

she ended up calling the cop’s they said there was now prof of the guy so they hang up.1 week after seeing the guy .then she saw him hanging from the roof dead this was the end of the terror.


Sarah had made a new friend name Christian and they were going on camp to kawau island to get away from the stress.


We just  arived at camp bension me and Christian put our bags away  we went into the living room. Too very gouges girls were sitting at a piano practicing there music for tonight’s show and Christain went up and was tring to talk to the girls to find out what there name’s were. She axsidenley nocked the panio and cut the girls finger they badly bleed and died right in frount of me and her we ran to find the penrits but the were hung by the neck.We were all alone  on a rezawted island.

The girls went around the camp trying to find food  but insted they found Weaks these were not ordinary Weaks these were zombie Weaks. They followed them around the camp and Christain got lost luckiye sarah and Christain had cell phones the called each other and then meet up at the living room they were so happy to see each outher  the found there sleeping bags and fell asleep.

The rest of the time they were there christain  and sarah had lived in the camp and they never left because of there mistakes they had made.

the end

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