Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Twins Of Hansel And Gretel

                                          CHAPTER ONE
Once upon a time there was two children name Hansel and Gretel they  lived in a village call Anchaneya. These children were very special they could talk to ghost,they had  friends name Billy and Bella and they  were ghost to. One day Hansel and Gretel were in the frosted when they heard a whisper it was quite  it was scary sounding, it fiftend the children but they thought it was Billy and Bella playing a trick on them  so they called out to them  ‘guys is that you’ said Hansel. ‘Bella Billy is that you’ said Gretel but the voices grow louder and it started to yell they knew is was getting angry and they started to run the whisper knew they were running so it stopped.

There was a witch  she was the one  how whispered to the children in her house she was making a potion to destroy all human.There was one ingredient missing it was Hansel  and Gretel they were the white witch children so therefore to kill all human she had to kill  Hansel and Gretel to take over the world and make more witches.


The witch had an idea to get the  children she was going to capisher the ghost and make soure  she was getting the kids. First she was going to find them. Two keep them until the kids knew about them being gone. Three take the kids and kill them and but there blood in to the pushin .

Her plan worked out it was done she had the kid and she was about to kill them (‘owwi don’t now if you now but she had a daughter’)enywho she walked in just as her mouther  was going to kill  the kids.

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