Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Plane Crash From HELL!!!!


Once there  were six doctors and they were on a plane to europe to a clink in needs. There names were Sarah Smith, Rachel Mckay, Nikki Anderson, Tk pots, Michael Shelly, Harper worner. They were the best doctors the world had ever seen.

They were all on a plane flying to europe when out of the blue aother plane crashed in to them and the docters fell  in to a frost and the other went simering thought the sky into a lake foll of crocdiles.As the fell in to the frost they relisted that one of the docters were gone a few mineted later the plane they were just in came flying though frosted and landed on 3 of the docters they were screameing but the onlny herd 2 of them screaming  unfournshintley one of the docters heads came rolling out and the two that wern’t hit were  grosted out because it was Tks head .

Anyway Rachel and Sarah decided to try help get them out from under the plane harper,nikki and tk headless body was pulled out by Sarah and Rachel.Nikki’s left  leg was really badly broken .Sarah ,Harper and Rachal carried Nikki thou the frosted and founded a beach that had sticks and rocks. They sat nikki down and wrote help on the beach so if some one flew over the wood see it and come down and rescue them shorenuf half and hour later the were found and taken to the hospital.

Nikki losted her leg ,Sarah   and Rachel started to fly back to europe to help and harper stayed at the hospital to help out.   


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