Monday, 14 May 2012

Feeling Like Jumping into the water

Bored, sitting on the sideline with only a book full of 101 scary animals  and one person to play hand games with, I  felt  like jumping into the water! Watching all the kids in my class   swimming,  splashing, kicking and  holding  their  breath  under   the  water  having fun was annoying.

I  wished  I could   go swimming but I can’t  because I had an  ear operation. It was on my right  ear. Now  it's healing but  for two weeks  I am not allowed to go swimming.

I    want  to go swimming and soon I can go swimming  again. My Aunty said     she will take   me swimming when  my ear is  healed.

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Mr Marks said...

Well done Sarah, this is your best piece of writing so far this year.

You have some very interesting sentences. You have also done well to use a variety of sentence lengths. I also am pleased to see a variety of sentence beginnings.

Please keep this up.

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