Friday, 23 October 2015

My Missing Ipod

Sitting outside starbucks drinking a nice hot chocolate, under a constant cover of clouds and chilling winds in Sylva Park, waiting for the hoyts cinemas alarm  to tick on my phone. The time went slow but after just getting comfy  “ding” goes the alarm and i’m  off for a great movie “dracula”.

On the way to the movie I had noticed that my bag of goodies had gone, so I was of to starbucks to see if anyone had picked it up. Thankfully after a long walk back, I asked a lady at the counter if she had seen a bag with things in it that was suitable for a movie then she disappeared below the counter and with a struggle she lifted my bag onto the counter, “few thank you” I was so happy and the the alarm on  my phone went off again this time with only five minutes to go as I left I yelled “thanks” and dashed for the hoyts.

Finally after a long run back I had made it through the doors and into the screening room.
The movie was great right from the start but very loud. After the movie  I went to the food court to have dinner and then I went to the train station to catch the 8:15 train home.
while I was on the train I went to listen to my Ipod and it was gone out of my back pocket,
the next thing I knew I was having a big worry fit trying to think back to when I last had it thinking thinking “man it was in the cinemas” so I text my dad and said I was going to be late home and to see if he could pick me up when I text next his reply was always “yes”.
I raced back to the cinema and asked to look for my ipod that I had left in cinema 4 from the last movie lucky they let me. I should had known it wasn’t there all that was left was my headphones so someone had picked it up ‘bummer” I said as I walked out.

At the carpark waiting for my dad to come the lady that was sitting next to me came up to me and handed my my purple Ipod, I was stunned “Thank you a million times” was my reply she was happy she found me and offered to wait with me until my dad picked.
When he got there we said our goodbyes and left soon to meet again.
On the way home I told my dad what happened he said “I was lucky she was so nice”.

In the end I got my Ipod back and in the future I hope it never happens again.


Mrs Burt said...

Is this a true story Sarah? If so you have been blessed that day!

Mrs Burt

Rave MM said...

Hey Sarah,

You are so lucky that the kind lady saw you. No one knows what could of happened. You are 100% lucky. On to your writing, I think it is really creative.

Well Done and Keep Up The Great Work!
By Rave.

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