Thursday, 2 July 2015

How Zebras Came Around

One thousand years ago a Horse named Alex was a teacher in an art class
and in his class there was a lot of little Horses.  As art class went along  the glue was spread all over the classroom, including the kids and teacher was glue and feathers, the Mr Alex was covered in glue so he send the children home and then when home for a shower.

After his shower he put his black and white striped PJ’s on and went to bed.
When he woke up in the morning he went to get changed for work but when he went to take of his PJ’s he couldn't so what he did was put his work clothes on over the top. He had finished his day at work and went home he went for a shower, but he had to shower in his PJ’s that where under his work clothes because they still would not come off.

A Few years past and he still couldn't  get his PJ’s off and his white fur had grown though his PJ's and by this time he had married and have three unusual kind of kids they all had black and white fur and a wise old man saw them and change their names to Zebra and it suited them.

When they grew up there children had strips too and still to this day the black and white striped Horse are still called Zebra’s.

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