Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Measurement Working out

Can you work the Question's out?? Find out what you know
Measurement work

Question 1
Faaiua and Vaifoa are measuring their heights. Faaiua is 1.4 metres tall. Vaifoa is 6 centimetres taller than Faaiua.
notes:  F----1.4 -------- V----6 cm more
What is Vaifoas height in centimetres?

Question 2
Sateki drew a 72cm line on the playground with a blue chalk and another line with pink chalk that is 14 cm longer than the blue line.
How long is the pink chalk line?
Question 3
In the weekend I walked 2 km. My Dad walked 500m further than me. How far did he walk? 1500m

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