Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cross Country

Standing on the sideline the year 7 girls were called up to run. Only being able to help give out water is not really fun. Hanging with 2 friends a boy and a girl one was injected and one was plan out annoying.

Suddenly a big !!Bang!!  came from the field the girls were off racing down the field round the bend out the gate and in a split second they were out of sight no long to be seen but we could see the first year 6 boys came in through the finish line and over and man they looked so tired I grabbed the hose turned it on and sprayed it all over them I had the laugh of a lifetime they were dancing in the water they crabbed a drink of water and when to sit down.

Another group was called up to round “on your marks get set !BANG!” they were off down the field round the bend and out the gate the year 7 girls came in down the field round the bend to do there  second lap  of the race. “Go girls” everyone cheered. the last lap was over and they were so happy to be finished.

I was so proud of everyone “well done “  I said as they came over to get there water they smiled in a way of saying thanks!!

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