Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This is me explaining why it is inportint to swim

Did you know that in New Zealand if their was a world flood that our country would be one of the first  to be destroyed and that is because we are the smallest country in the whole world we will be the first to go under  that’s  why us  kiwi’s have to learn how to swim and if we don’t get off the couch and do something about it we're going to end up dead? “so” you may say well just putting it out there  but if you don’t learn to swim well it ain't go to look  good so going on kiwi’s get off the couch and go learn to swim know.

If you live in Glen Innes there is a pool right in the middle of Point England School and Tamik college it’s called the (GI YMCA POOL) and it helps you to swim and and teachers you to swim so if something happens to the world you will be safe.
Ok think about it like this way, what would do if you were caught a tsunami and it a big wave caught you and you didn't know how to swim just

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Nikki said...

Great work telling people why swimming lessons are important That is awesome that you are trying to keep people safe in the water. Keep up th good work :)

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