Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Predictions Cyclone Lusi is going to be one of the biggest storms to hit auckland people were warned to be prepared for  Cyclone Lusi.

Cyclone Lusi is is a big gust of wind and if it is very bad it can pick up to about 1- 5 and this is very bad lets hope no one gets hurt at the moment there are six people missing no one had died yet lets hope it stays that way the mri minister John Key has itvist that we all stay inside well this wind and rain happens so far up north has been hit still waiting for it to very hard on auckland  and the feast of the country.

Cyclone Lusi  has struck and took out  a 16 year old bedroom wall he was horror fried because he had just found out that 6 people were missing and 3 dead this is  an outrage I hope that everyone would be in side and you need to be prepared so if there is a floud you need sand bag if you can get them  and if the power does go out you have spare batteries , torches and  candles  please make sure that you are prepared for this weather.

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