Thursday, 9 May 2013

Antarctic Seals

Walt: We are learning to summarise the main points of a paragraph.
 Seals are mammals that live in the oceans all over   world.All of the seals at Antarctica are non-eared seals. seals have lots of blubber to keep them warm.
Seals have thick long hair all over there streamlined body,to keep them warm.They have flippers to help them to  be a superb swimmers.Most of the time,the seals are at sea.                        
Seals are graceful and love to swim they and they are fast and clumsy.
When they are tired  they haul themselves on to land to  rest until they wake. Sometimes they come to land and  give birth  there cub’s.

Did you Know that there are crab eater seal ?They are most common in Antarctica there are 30,000 of them.They eat krill rather than crab.

Did you know that leopard seals hunt penguins under water?  because they are fast underwater penguin are afraid.Penguins are not afraid of seals on ice, because they can't very fast.

Welled seal's spend the whole winter in Antarctica. Even when the icy water freezes over.While the other seals go to warmer parts of the southern ocean because they find it to cold.


Juanita Garden said...

You thought carefully about the key words to jot down and have written clear sentences to summarise each paragraph.
Make sure you put spaces after full stops and before the next word. All words have spaces between them, even when there is a full stop.
Keep up the good summarising Sarah.
Ms Garden

Sarah said...

Thank you Miss Garden

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