Wednesday, 13 March 2013

sank in ship

captain sparrow  rum  he loves rum and he wears  things in his hair
problem : he drinks all the rum in the world
rum box
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AHOY me hearties, my name is captain sparrow  rum. The reason my name is captain sparrow rum  is because I love rum and    everyone hates me because I steal their rum and gold and I am a mean and bad person. My age Is 35 year old. I sail the seven seas with my brother Johnny and he is 24. His favourite things in the whole world is rubies. Big, massive, round, sparkling rubies!

It all started when my brother  and I found a map. It was a map for rum and gold. I tuned the ship around and sailed the seven seas with a fight. ‘here I come rum and my gold’ I sang and  then my brother came to me and said the gold Is mine and then I screamed fine have It your way then.

2 hours later on an island we found a tree  with an x and I tried to take It down. when I heard by boat sank I fell  to my knees.  It was a trap .I wanted to have some rum but It’s gone so  I
decided to take a nap.

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