Thursday, 27 September 2012


It was a beautiful day but it was too hot. I was going down to the beach. When I got there I saw my friends after  that I hopped out of the car and  we jumped into the ocean.

But as  we jumped into the ocean!  we saw a shark.  So we stood still and did not move then my mum  saw the shark  fin and panicked she was so whored .

But  then my dad  saw it and throw a  fish.the one he   threw had been bleeding  so the shark followed the smell of blood.And went away.

 I Really  had cool day but it was weird and surrey. But dad save my life and i felt so bad and  but was thankful  for him  to save my of my life  and to still be here.

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Stephanie Gomillion said...

Hi Sarah! I'm Stephanie Gomillion, a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. Our teachers are friends and my teacher asked me to read your blog.
I can't believe you had a shark near you in the water! I bet that was super scary!! Thank goodness your mom and dad were there to protect you from the shark! The oceans where I live have sharks too but they aren't always around. Is the beach your favorite place to go? During the summer time I try to go to the beach every weekend. I love your colorful picture you made of scene! You did such a great job detailing your story!

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